Managing Daily Absences & Increasing Occupancy - Made Simple.
Families easily find your centre with MiCare Digital Enrolment Centre Locator
Managing all of your daily absences
Less 'Computer Time,' more 'Face Time'.

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Benefits Enrolment

Increased Occupancy

Parents can easily find your centre and apply to your centre through our digital centre locator.

Administration & Compliance Done

All parent’s application details are securely captured ready for vetting.

Communication Simplified

Application approvals are notified to the parent’s.

Benefits MiCare

Reduce Admin Time

Once we set up your online profile, managing daily absences can instantly occur between parents for any available days.

Focus on what matters

With reduced admin time, you can focus on what matters – the care and education of children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions!

Not at all – but if you’d like that, we can integrate.

Great question! You will receive a notification when a parent is added to your centre; the new parent will also be visible through the MiCare Dashboard.

You sure can. Simply reverse the swap on the MiCare Dashboard. All parents involved in that MiCare transaction will be notified.

There is no extra cost to the centre. The parent who is looking to pick up the available day pays your daily casual rate + the small transaction fee.

Fantastic question! We have an Early Learning Centre locator as part of the enrolment technology we created. Parents who are looking at a specific location will find you! On top of this, your daily occupancy will always been increased, as MiCare takes advantage of the fact that your centre will have, on average, 8% absences per day – we just help out by ensuring that you always fill that absent day.

If you don’t want to use it, that’s totally cool. Just remember that in order to increase your occupancy through the MiCare Community, you will be required to accept parents using the generic digital enrolment form.  We call this the parent’s ‘Passport to Care’.  We understand that you are beautiful and unique, and that you have specific information pertaining to your wonderful centre. New parents can access this information during orientation – we just cover the mandatory elements.